Create Awesome Things That Make a Difference

Here's the thing: lots of people can create something that looks "cool" or "pretty." That's not good enough for us. Not even close. We want to create great things that make a difference. Things people actually use and even like using.

That means we question the way things are done now. We work hard. We try things we've never done before. And we don't shy from conflict. Because this is the journey to create great things.

Solving tough problems in creative new ways takes a lot of hard work. Which is why Rocket Media rewards every team member with the following:

Remote friendly
We are headquartered in Arizona and are open to hiring team members throughout the country.

Health, dental, vision
Full time team members can take advantage of our competitive benefits package, for individuals or families.

Flexible schedules and vacation
Work life balance is important. Take the time you need to keep yourself healthy.

Summer Fridays
Our office closes early every Friday, from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

We offer discounts to popular services and events, and an amazing office space in Gilbert, AZ.

Want to join us?

Open Positions

Full Time - Full time - Gilbert, AZ w/ WFH Options - Health, Vision, Dental, Matching 401k + more

If you feel deep satisfaction while playing Tetris or cleaning, we just might have the position for you. We’re looking for a team player with a positive attitude that can help ensure that all of our Content Team’s duties are completed accurately and delivered in a timely manner. If you are a super-organized professional with good communication skills – both verbal and written, and your background includes general office support and strong computer skills, we hope you’ll apply for this position.

Full Time - Full time - Health, Vision, Dental, Matching 401k + more

At the heart of the relationship lies the all-important Account Manager. The one who lives and dies on the sword for the team, makes things right even when/if they're wrong, and the one we count on at Rocket HQ to keep things humming. This is a big deal, so we're really looking for someone amazing here. No "just OK"'s or "that could work" applicants should apply. We only want the best. If that's you, carry on!

Full Time - Health, Vision, Dental, Matching 401k + more

Meta Title: SEO Strategist with Local SEO & Listings Experience
Meta Description:
Wanted: SEO Strategist who loves helping small businesses grow by using data and white hat SEO methods. Must play well with developers and content writers.
Meta Keywords:
Meta keywords? What is this? 1999?

If the above made sense to you and made you laugh, you might be right for us. Click through to apply and let's start the conversation together.

Part Time - Freelance opportunity

Can u write wel? WE NED YUR HLP NAO!
We're looking for a freelance content marketing writer to help our growing content department. This is a great way to get your foot in the door for future full-time positions and grow your writing portfolio. Apply to learn more.

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