Rocket Media's Hiring Process

Our Hiring Process

To find great people you have to be intentional, this is how we go about hiring at Rocket HQ

We take our hiring process seriously, so much so that we’ve spent time outlining the process every applicant will go through before they are hired at Rocket Media. It's an intentional process designed to help us find the right fit for the position(s). In general, the process can be broken down into three core segments.

  1. First, does the applicant really want this job? Did they submit everything we’ve asked them for, is their cover letter addressed to us or someone else? Do they have more than a pulse — seriously? You’d be surprised at how many applications we receive from folks who are just looking for a J.O.B. Sorry, we don’t have any of those at Rocket Media.

  2. Next, we need to make sure they can perform the work they are applying for. Do they really have the technical skills we are seeking? This is discovered through conversations, assessments and other discoveries we come up with. The proof is in the pudding at this point.

  3. Finally, we put a lot of time and effort into making sure this is a culture fit. We want to ensure this is the right opportunity for the candidate and for the company. When you’re in a small company like Rocket Media, one bad apple can really tip the cart.

Our hiring process outline

Maybe you’re looking to join our team, or perhaps you’re looking for a hiring process to model your program after. Either way, our hope is you find this information helpful.


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