We’ll create something awesome that makes a difference in your business.

Our Beliefs

  • 1
    Design isn’t about making something pretty. It’s about solving problems.
  • 2
    Businesses can grow without resorting to shady or spammy tactics.
  • 3
    Success comes when you focus on your customers first.

Our Story

In 2003, Ben Kalkman founded Rocket Media to pursue his passion: great design that impacts and inspires people.

And 15 years later, that’s still the cornerstone of Rocket Media. We create awesome things that impact and inspire people; things that are designed to make a difference for businesses.

We’re now located in Gilbert, AZ and have almost 25 employees working for clients all over the country.

Our Team

  • Ben Kalkman
  • Sean Bucher
    Director of SEO
  • Cassie Cattabiani
    SEO Analyst
  • Donald O’Connor
    SEO Strategist
  • Kelly Harrigan
    Office Manager
  • Micah Helfrey
    Search Marketing Manager
  • Kyle Hess
    Paid Search Strategist
  • Garrett Henderson
    Lead Developer
  • Michael Erb
  • Nick Verges
    Junior Developer
  • Derek Konofalski
  • Aaren Hofferth
    Operations Manager
  • Heather Irwin
    Account Strategist
  • Lindsay Kalkman
    HR & Office Manager
  • Erica Luoma
    Accounting Manager
  • Dan McAnany
    Account Strategist
  • Geoff Roush
    Account Strategist
  • Preston Rayhons
    Lead Designer
  • Joel Cook
  • Diana Rowe
    Content Strategist
  • Laura Bayard
    Web Copywriter
  • Hayden Harman
    Content Marketing Writer
  • Sara Taylor
    Production Manager