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Unlike traditional TV advertising, OTT ads provide in-depth campaign attribution to allow us to optimize performance. So when your spring tune-up promotion goes live on OTT platforms, you’ll know which audience targeting was most effective and what creative assets drove the most action. No guesswork is required.

Rocket Media has tracked campaigns across the web for over 20 years. We provide detailed monthly and ongoing reports for all OTT campaigns. That way, you know exactly what you’re getting. Again, no guesswork is required.

Rocket Media has partnered with the leading OTT advertising platform, PREMION, to give our clients greater advertising reach and to support their marketing goals. PREMION partners with Rocket Media to place media buys on your behalf almost anywhere in the US. Video production capabilities are also available in select markets.

OTT services create profiles for households using a single IP address. A homeowner looking for an AC service on their phone, and later their iPad, could be served your AC commercial later that night on their streaming TV or any device they use to watch content. Rocket Media’s specialists can target highly motivated individuals who are ready to buy, which means you spend less on advertising and get more out of it at the same time. We only show your commercials on high-quality and trusted sources that you will recognize. We do not source any of our inventory from open exchanges, ensuring your brand is safe and no impressions are wasted.

Say you’re ready to advertise with OTT but lack creative assets. With Rocket Media, that’s no problem at all! Our specialists will work with any existing media assets you have to craft targeted advertisements that convert. In addition, we may be able to assist you in a full commercial shoot. All you have to do is make sure your trucks are washed!

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We Are a PREMION Partner

PREMION is an industry-leading OTT advertising platform. Rocket Media has partnered with PREMION to provide our clients greater reach and precise campaign attribution. Of the 210 US DMAs, PREMION reaches all of them. That reach also extends to content publishers and digital platforms. Over 125 leading TV and media brands like A&E, HGTV, Disney, Discovery+ (and more!) are part of PREMION’s network.

You Work Directly with the Experts

Rocket Media gives you access to our OTT experts and the account managers who support them. You aren’t removed from your experts by two, three, or even four other people. Nor are you waving your hands trying to reach your account manager, who may have two dozen other accounts they’re juggling simultaneously with yours. Rocket Media’s more personalized approach ensures a stronger relationship with your agency partner and greater control over your advertising.

We Work Exclusively with Home Service Clients

For more than two decades, Rocket Media has been partnering with companies in the home services industry, just like yours. During this time, we've honed our skills and knowledge to deliver tailored solutions that work best for our clients in this space.

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