Building a Multi-Site Template System with Statamic

Custom websites are expensive. And we work with a lot of small- to medium-sized businesses who can’t afford a fully custom site. We wanted to create a lower cost of entry for these clients while still boosting their web presence and giving them a quality, responsive website. To do that, we decided to build a multi-site template system with Statamic. 

How I Became a Professional Designer at Only 17 Years Old

Our newest designer, Eirlyse, is sharing her story on how she became a designer at Rocket Media and the highs and lows she endured to get to where she's at now professionally. 

What I’ve Learned from 3 Years as a Content Person at a Digital Agency

This month marks 3 years that our Content Manager, Bryce, has been with Rocket Media and he's sharing some tidbits about what he's learned over the past few years. If you’re just starting out in this vast digital content world, here are some things you might wanna know.

3 Common Types of Facebook Posts Your Company Should Stop Making

Like most millennials, I spend a good amount of time on Facebook. More time than I care to admit (what else are you supposed to do in the bathroom?) But this isn’t about me, it’s about you.

How to Run Multiple ExpressionEngine Websites from One Set of Core Files

At Rocket Media, we use a git submodule and lots of symlinks to separate the ExpressionEngine core files from the rest of the site-specific files. Then when it's time to update, we check out the newest version branch and follow the appropriate EE upgrade steps.

Can I Convert My Current Website to a Responsive Design?

Because of all the attention responsive design has gotten recently, we’ve received many questions about it. One of the most common is, “Can I just convert my current website to responsive design?”

Agile Web Design Case Study: A Web Designer’s Point of View

Agile web design sounds nice in theory. But can it work practically? What about at an agency? Take a look at how the agile web design process looked like from a web designer's point of view when we recently redesigned a small security company's website. 

How to Write Blog Posts Faster: Use Stories, Article Templates and Ingredients

Do you feel like it takes you forever to write a blog post? Whatever your circumstances, we want to help. In this article, we'll give you resources that will help you and others quickly write quality blog posts.

My Prime Lesson: How I Learned to Always Make the Optimus Decision

Most people don’t know that each of the computers at Rocket Media’s office are named after a transformer. To the outsider, it might just seem like we’re big fans of the franchise. But it really goes much deeper than that. These things are small reminders to me of a big lesson I learned early in life.
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