Can I Convert My Current Website to a Responsive Design?

Because of all the attention responsive design has gotten recently, we’ve received many questions about it. One of the most common is, “Can I just convert my current website to responsive design?”

Agile Web Design Case Study: A Web Designer’s Point of View

Agile web design sounds nice in theory. But can it work practically? What about at an agency? Take a look at how the agile web design process looked like from a web designer's point of view when we recently redesigned a small security company's website. 

How to Write Blog Posts Faster: Use Stories, Article Templates and Ingredients

Do you feel like it takes you forever to write a blog post? Whatever your circumstances, we want to help. In this article, we'll give you resources that will help you and others quickly write quality blog posts.

My Prime Lesson: How I Learned to Always Make the Optimus Decision

Most people don’t know that each of the computers at Rocket Media’s office are named after a transformer. To the outsider, it might just seem like we’re big fans of the franchise. But it really goes much deeper than that. These things are small reminders to me of a big lesson I learned early in life.

Girl Scouts Website Redesign – Reflection from a Designer’s Perspective

Recently we redesigned the Girl Scouts Arizona Cactus-Pine Council's website to readdress the design, sitemap and information architecture. Take a look at how our designer, Preston, approached the project. 

Agile Web Design in an Agency: The PHX Renews Project – Sprint 2 & 3

Wondering what agile web development looks like for a web design agency? Read about Sprint 2 and 5 of our team's journey as we built the PHX Renews website. 

How to Get Hired at Rocket Media (or Pretty Much Anywhere Awesome)

Want to know what it takes to get hired at Rocket Media or really anywhere awesome? Here are a few things you could do on your resume and cover letter that might actually get you a call from us.

Agile Web Design in an Agency: The PHX Renews Project – Sprint 1

For those following along at home, we’ve already written about how this is our first fully “agile” project and what we did in the planning to get ready. This article continues the story.

The Non-Writers Guide to Writing a Company Blog

Whether you’re a salesperson, technician, graphic designer or business owner, you have expertise in an area that is valuable to write about for your company’s blog even if you're not a natural born writer. Next time you’re tasked with writing a blog article but you aren’t sure where to start, follow these tips.
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