What are the Benefits of Responsive Display Ads?

Running paid ad campaigns for your local home service business can be challenging. Not only does creating effective, eye-catching ads require ongoing attention and maintenance, but it also requires design and copywriting expertise—skill sets that most home service companies don’t have the budget for.

And even if you can create high-quality ads that perform, you likely won’t have the capacity or budget to create every possible ad size or type.

That’s where Google’s responsive display ads can help.

Powered by Google’s machine learning technology, responsive display ads offer home service businesses a way to create high-performing paid ads that are automatically optimized, sized, and formatted for different ad placements across the web.

We’ll share some of the specific benefits of responsive display ads, including:

  • Efficiency
  • Visibility
  • Performance

First, though, let’s dive deeper into what this feature is and how it works.

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What are responsive display ads and how do they work?

According to Google, a Responsive Display Ad is “an ad that automatically adjusts its size, appearance, and format to fit available ad spaces on the Google Display Network.”

Before responsive display ads, businesses used traditional display ads, which required creating ads individually for different ad placements by resizing images and reformatting the ad elements. Now, with responsive display ads, you simply upload multiple assets (images, headline text, logos, and descriptions). Google then determines the most effective combinations of your assets to build ads that are automatically sized and formatted for various placements within the Google Display Network.

When uploading assets for your ads, you can include up to:

  • 15 images
  • 5 headlines
  • 5 descriptions
  • 5 logos

What are the benefits of using responsive display ads for my HVAC/Solar company?


Responsive Display Ads saves you the time and hassle of testing countless combinations of images, text, promos to determine which elements perform the best. Google relies on its powerful machine learning technology to test all of your inputs (i.e., assets that you uploaded) and find the combinations that perform the best.

This testing process occurs when you upload your assets and requires no additional work, research, or reporting on your end. Instead, you simply put your assets in and out comes a fully optimized ad that is most likely to perform well. Plus, you can view all of the data from the Google-generated tests within the asset report in Google Ads. This report shows you which assets perform the best, among other valuable insights.

Comparatively, before responsive display ads, marketers would spend hours creating different ads to see which headlines worked best with which images across different ad placements. Then, even more hours would be spent analyzing and comparing the results of each ad.

Now your team can spend less time testing and reviewing data and more time responding to customers who found you via our responsive display ads.


With this new ad format, you get much more visibility because you automatically get ads that are sized and formatted for various ad placements.

This means that you can reach customers in more places throughout the web with ads that are optimized for native, text, and even banner ad spaces. More placement means more potential customers will see your ads, which can make all the difference, especially given today’s increasingly competitive landscape for local home service businesses.

And remember, all of those unique ads are generated automatically, with little to no work required from your staff.

Responsive Display Ads are Optimized to Perform!

Perhaps the biggest benefit of responsive display ads is that they’re optimized for performance. Because Google tests every possible combination of your assets, using responsive display ads takes out all of the guesswork associated with creating ads that generate revenue.

In fact, Google’s internal data suggests that “On average, advertisers see 10% more conversions at a similar CPA when using multiple headlines, descriptions, and images with responsive display ads (versus a single set of assets).”

How to get started

If you already have a Google Ads Account, you can get started creating Responsive Display Ads right away.

If you need help getting started or want a team of PPC experts with 17+ years of experience managing paid campaigns for local HVAC and Solar companies, trust Rocket Media. We can help you take advantage of Responsive Display Ads, plus we provide ongoing services to help you manage and improve the long-term performance of your campaigns.

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