5 HVAC Blog Topics That Boost Website Traffic

There are several reasons why blogging can boost your HVAC website’s SEO rankings.

But it doesn’t matter how much you blog if you’re not creating the right kind of content—information people are actually searching for online.

Forget keyword stuffed articles. Think customer service pieces. That’s what will get you the traffic you want while helping your customers with their problems.

Here are some tried and true blog post topics that I (and others) have used to get awesome results.

1) Installation costs

Your most profitable jobs are installations. And, lucky for you, the prices of those installations are highly searched because they are so expensive.

So there’s a good topic to write about to get major traffic.

What? You don’t feel comfortable mentioning price? Don’t think it’s possible?

Oh, it’s possible. River Pool and Spa attributed over $1,000,000.00 in swimming pool sales from this one article: How Much Does a Fiberglass Pool Cost?

They’re open about how they accomplished tracking this if you’re curious.

I answer most objections HVAC contractors have about mentioning price in this article: HVAC Blogging Pro Tip: Mention Price Online To Get More Customers

2) Answers to “Why?” questions

When something goes wrong with their heating or cooling system, homeowners rush to the interwebz and Google, “WHY IS THIS HAPPENING?”

They can possibly solve the problem or…they may need a professional. See where I’m going with this?

Brainstorming these “why” questions is easy when you use these 2 tools for finding these ideas:

Yahoo Answers: Type in “Why is my (insert product)” and stop. Don’t hit enter or click on search. See the suggestions Yahoo Answers gives you. Bam, you’ve just found questions people are asking that you can blog about.

Übersuggest: Does the same thing as Yahoo Answers but you’ll get more suggestions. However, you won’t get as much context as Yahoo Answers.

3) Solutions to local HVAC-related issues

It’s not enough to put your city and state in a blog post and hope people in your area will find you. You need to talk about problems people have in your region.

For instance, if you live in the South, humidity is a big deal. So a blog post about “3 Natural Ways to Lower Humidity at Home” will get you traffic.

Turn that traffic into leads by mentioning that you offer dehumidifiers at the end of the article.

These topics will give you an edge against websites that only talk about generic HVAC topics and don’t have the manpower to cover all the regional topics.

4) Comparisons of HVAC products

Before anyone buys anything they typically go on a “buyer’s journey” composed of 3 stages:

  • Awareness
  • Consideration
  • Purchase/Decision

Consideration is when they’re doing all the research and trying to figure out which option is the best.

So people usually research options with a search query like, “Product X vs Product Y.”

Your comparison blog topics can be:

A few ways you can compare two products is by:

  • Showing pros and cons
  • Comparing important categories (price, energy efficiency, etc.)
  • Listing features side-by-side and explaining their differences

Don’t encourage readers to pick one option over the other. People can tell when you’re stacking the odds in one product’s favor.

Pretend your blog is like Consumer Reports: Be brutally honest and give people the facts.

5) Complete buyer’s guides

The granddaddy of all HVAC blog posts is the buyer’s guide. A buyer’s guide is for those who want an overview of all their options for a product before they buy.

For this type of post, be brief and give people an overview of all their options. Or you can get deep and give all the nuanced details they need.

But I like this strategy from Income Diary’s blog post The Most Advanced Blogging Strategy I’ve Never Shared.

Create a pillar article giving a somewhat detailed overview of the buyer’s guide. Then write more blog posts that elaborate each section of the buyer’s guide. He calls these “specialty articles.”

An HVAC example of a pillar article would be writing a blog post called, “The Complete Buyer’s Guide to Furnaces.” The sections of the article could be:

  • Understanding furnace energy efficiency (AFUE)
  • High efficiency furnace vs. mid-efficiency furnace
  • Differences between single-stage, two-stage and modulating furnaces
  • Single speed vs variable speed furnace blowers
  • Price of a furnace installation
  • How to find the best furnace installers in (City)

Then write blog posts that elaborate on these sections. Make sure they link back to your pillar article. Also your pillar article should link to these new specialty articles as you post them. This increases the pillar post’s traffic and keeps people exploring your website.

Give your blog posts some legs

All these topics are great but you don’t have to just wait around for people to find them to get traffic.

Give your blog posts legs so they can get around to your target audience. You can do that by:

Mailchimp makes this easy for you since it can:

Hooray for time efficiency!

Are there any other HVAC blog topics you’ve seen that have performed well? Gimme the goods by commenting on our Facebook page.

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