How to Increase Google Reviews for Your Business

Building and maintaining a great reputation, online and otherwise, is essential for the success of any business. Part of cultivating a positive reputation online comes down to perception, and nothing showcases that more than how your business shows up in Google reviews.

But why are Google reviews so important? Just like in real estate, the answer is location, location, location. Thanks to the current state of the digital landscape, Google is typically the first place customers look when they’re searching for a business, and whichever business sits closest to the top of the list or has the highest rating is usually the one with the most chance to make a sale.

Social proof like positive Google reviews really do influence the perception of many customers, so good reviews boost your business’s visibility and give you a leg up on the competition. If you’re wondering how to increase your reviews on Google with actionable strategies, these five tips can help your home services company get noticed:

  1. Deliver excellent customer service
  2. Educate customers about feedback value
  3. Ask for reviews at opportune moments
  4. Simplify the process for leaving reviews
  5. Engage with customers via review responses

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Deliver Excellent Customer Service

When you’re looking for ways to increase Google reviews, remember that customers who are happy with your products or services are more likely to share the joy with others. This means you should strive to satisfy your customers by speaking with them to find out what they value and giving it to them when possible.

Likewise, if they have questions or concerns, you should address those things quickly and decisively so they can feel confident about doing business with your company. When customers reach out to thank you for listening to their feedback, encourage them to let everyone know about their positive experiences with your company via Google reviews.

Educate Customers About Feedback Value

By educating customers about the impact of their feedback, it helps them understand why leaving a review matters. For example, many people rely on online reviews when making purchasing decisions. By educating customers about the value of their feedback, you can empower them to contribute to the decision-making process of potential customers.

You might discuss how sharing their opinions with other customers can help those people find high-quality goods and services. As an act of goodwill or “paying it forward,” they might be incentivized to help others, which in turn helps your business too.

Ask for Reviews at Opportune Moments

Timing is everything. The best moment to ask for a Google review is after a pleasant interaction and successful sale. Why? Because the experience is fresh in the customer's mind. If the service was satisfactory and the customer is happy with the results, they are more likely to provide a positive review. The promptness also shows that the company values their feedback and wants to hear about their experience.

Remember to be tactful and respectful when asking for reviews. Some customers may not be comfortable providing a review immediately or prefer to do so at their convenience. In such cases, you can provide them with information on how to leave a review at a later time, such as through email, a follow-up message.

Note: Under no circumstances should you attempt to incentivize customers to leave positive reviews. This violates Google’s policies and will have severe consequences that are a hassle to recover from.

Simplify the Process for Leaving Reviews

If you want to know how to get more Google reviews, consider making the process easier for customers. For instance, you might add a page on your website that provides step-by-step instructions or create a QR code that takes your customers directly to your review page. The emails you send after completion of sales or service should also include a prompt for leaving a review.

Not sure how to set up these types of Google review prompts? Rocket Media has experience building custom websites and landing pages with precisely this goal in mind. Learn more about our services by scheduling a free call today. You can also check out another blog we wrote, “How Can I Offer Ways for My HVAC/Solar Customers to Provide Feedback?”

Engage with Customers via Review Responses

When people leave Google reviews for your business, encourage more of the same by responding quickly (and personally!) to each one. If you’re wondering what to say, just keep politeness and gratitude in mind. A sincere response to any review goes a long way in showing readers who haven’t used your business just how genuine and honest you are.

To that end, a thoughtful reply to a negative review that addresses changes your company made to rectify the issue demonstrates a willingness to do the right thing. It also lets customers know that you’re ready to go above and beyond to achieve customer satisfaction.

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