How Can I Use Google Ads to Close More Leads?

If you’re already using Google Ads, you’re aware of how effective the platform can be. With the search engine handling over 5 billion searches a day, advertising your business on Google quickly gives you massive visibility.

But here’s the dilemma: visibility doesn’t automatically mean revenue. To generate revenue, you need to ensure that customers aren’t just viewing your ads– they’re clicking on them and ultimately choosing to do business with you.

So how can you use Google Ads to actually close leads? The answer boils down to making sure your ads are highly targeted and specific to each customer’s query.

In this article, we’ll explain how you can achieve more targeted ads by:

  • Focusing on high intent traffic
  • Using Responsive Display Ads
  • Enhancing your landing page copy

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Three ways to drive (and close) more leads with Google Ads

#1: Focus on high-intent traffic

Many HVAC and Solar companies mistakenly value exposure and visibility over attracting quality traffic. Our advice to these companies is always the same: If your goal is to increase conversions, drop the “quantity over quality” mentality and instead intentionally narrow down your ad campaign traffic with high-intent keywords.

High intent keywords are those that indicate a strong intent to purchase. Focusing on these keywords almost always means less traffic but also means higher click-through and conversion rates.

Here are a few tips to ensure your ads are targeting high-intent traffic:

  • Prioritize product- or service-specific keywords. Examples might include “HVAC installation,” “Heating repair,” “Solar installation quote,” “Affordable AC installs,” etc.
  • Select the right keyword match types. Our suggestion is to experiment with implementing phrase match and exact match into your campaigns. Typically, companies implement broad match, which means they set up their selected keywords to display for the broadest possible searches. This strategy casts a wide net in terms of traffic but also means a lot of that traffic likely isn’t conversion-ready, or worse, they’re not even interested in your services. Instead, implementing phrase match and exact match gives you lower but more qualified traffic because your ads only display for searches that very closely match your keywords.
  • Use dynamic location insertion. Dynamic location insertion is a tool that customizes the exact content of your ad by inserting the user’s location while they are searching for your products and services. This is a great strategy considering that nearly 30% of searches for something in a specific location will result in a purchase. Plus, this can be done at scale by aligning the geo-targeting instantly with the ad copy.

These are just a few of the strategies we’ve seen work well for HVAC and Solar companies. There are many other ways to target conversion-ready traffic, such as implementing negative keywords, building campaigns for different demographics, etc.

#2: Use Responsive Display Ads

Responsive Display Ads are ads automatically generated by Google using a variety of different assets that you provide. This form of Google ads is popular because it allows for high-quality ads at scale. The ads are automatically optimized, sized, and formatted for different ad placements across the web, cutting down on time, money, and effort spent on ad creation.

However, another huge benefit to Responsive Display ads is that they’re optimized for performance. Because Google tests every possible combination of your assets, responsive display ads remove the guesswork associated with creating ads that generate revenue.

In fact, Google’s internal data suggests that “On average, advertisers see 10% more conversions at a similar CPA when using multiple headlines, descriptions, and images with responsive display ads (versus a single set of assets).”

To learn more about Responsive Display Ads and the benefits of using them, check out our blog, “What Are Responsive Display Ads?”.

#3: Optimize your landing page for conversions

Many companies focus solely on the copy and strategy of their Google ad campaigns and neglect their landing page copy. And this is a huge travesty as the quality and relevance of your landing page copy can make or break your conversion rate.

Even if you manage to generate a solid amount of high-intent, high-quality traffic via your ads, if you’re sending that traffic to a landing page that offers a poor experience, you’ll likely lose all that potential business.

Remember: The ad gets the click, but the landing page gets the lead.

To ensure your landing page is optimized for conversions, make sure it:

  • Functions as expected. This is a bare minimum but make sure that your landing page provides an overall positive experience. Factors that will impact the experience of a landing page include page loading speed, whether it’s mobile-friendly, whether it’s secure, etc.
  • Answers questions. Customers with high intent to purchase still have questions they want answered before they pull the trigger. When they land on your page, they’re expecting to find answers to their questions—fast. Questions that you will want to make sure your landing page answers include: “How much do you charge?”, “Are your estimates/consultations/diagnostics free?”, “How do I book an appointment?”, “How long does the service take?” etc.
  • Gains trust. Customers want to know that they are investing their time and money with a company that won’t disrespect them. Your landing page must persuade potential customers that your company is the right choice. Aside from being transparent with your landing page copy (by answering their questions), you can ensure your HVAC/Solar company stands out by adding reviews, certifications, awards, and more trust-building content to the landing page.
  • Prompts action. It should be immediately apparent to any customer landing on your page what their next step is. A landing page that buries the form or contact information makes it hard for a customer to convert. That said, it’s important to make sure your phone number and form/CTA button is highly visible throughout the landing page.

Need help generating more leads?

A solid and effective Google ads strategy is invaluable but hard to come by. If you’re struggling to improve your conversion rates, give us a call. Rocket Media has helped HVAC and solar companies all over the U.S. improve their Google ad strategies.

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