Hiring a Home Services Marketing Agency? What To Look For and What To Avoid

Are you looking to hire a home services marketing agency? If so, you're probably concerned about finding the right fit for your business. Digital marketing can help you boost brand visibility, connect with your target audience, and gain new customers– but only with a strategic and tailored marketing strategy. In order to reap the full benefits of your marketing investment, you’ll need to work with a reputable, high-quality agency.

To help guide you through the selection process, in this guide, we'll outline the dos and don'ts of hiring a home services marketing agency. Rocket Media has over 20 years of experience helping HVAC, solar, security, and other home services companies generate high-quality leads to grow their businesses. Suffice it to say, we know a thing or two about what makes a good marketing partnership (emphasis on partnership – it goes both ways!).

Keep reading to get insider knowledge of how marketing agencies work and how to find one that will support you and your business goals.

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What to Look For in a Home Services Marketing Agency

With so many marketing agencies out there, it can be difficult to decide which one is right for your business. To help narrow things down, here are some top considerations to look out for.

Home Services Industry Expertise

When it comes to connecting with customers, generic marketing approaches simply don't work. If your strategy can be applied to any industry, it's not specific enough to capture your customers. An agency familiar with HVAC and home-related services can craft campaigns that resonate with your target audience.

Experienced agencies also have a deep understanding of digital platforms and channels. From optimizing your presence on your Google Business Profile to running targeted ads on social media, an agency with home services industry expertise knows which strategies will yield the best results.

At Rocket Media, we have over 20 years of experience executing successful marketing campaigns for home services companies. Our dedicated in-house team develops lead strategies specifically for home services companies. Just check out our success stories to see for yourself!

Case Studies and Client Testimonials

Many marketing agencies claim that they'll help your business grow. But how do you know which ones are being truthful? That's where case studies and client testimonials come in.

Case studies offer tangible evidence of an agency's ability to boost brands, whether that's by generating leads, increasing brand visibility, driving conversions — or all of the above. They also provide insight into the strategies and tactics employed by the agency, such as their website design and online advertising strategy. By understanding the goals they've accomplished for others, you can determine whether their methods align with your expectations.

Our team at Rocket Media has a proven track record of success. No matter how big or small your company is, we'll develop a strategy that meets your goals. Contact us to schedule your free consultation today!

Comprehensive Service Offerings

Effective marketing requires more than a couple of social media posts. For the best results, you must reach audiences across multiple platforms — and through multiple strategies. To support this goal, an agency should offer a comprehensive range of services, such as:

  • Social Media Marketing: Social media marketing leverages online platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn to build brand awareness and connect with audiences.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): SEO involves optimizing your website to improve its visibility and ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs). Common SEO strategies include keyword research, link building, and page restructuring.
  • Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC): In PPC advertising, ads are strategically placed in search engines so your audience easily sees them. You can target specific keywords, demographics, or interests depending on the platform. You pay a fee every time a customer clicks on one of the ads.

Unsure which strategy is right for you? At Rocket Media, our team is well-versed in a wide variety of marketing tactics, from website design to SEO strategies. We'll start by gathering information about your company and building a diagnostic profile. Then, we'll develop and launch a strategy based on your goals.

Transparency and Reporting

Transparency is key to any business relationship. When you partner with a marketing agency, you shouldn't have to jump through hoops to get information about business strategies.

At Rocket Media, we pride ourselves on honesty and transparency. Every month, we provide reporting calls with an account manager and a team of dedicated specialists, including SEO, PPC, and social media. Furthermore, we conduct Annual Business Reviews that deliver a comprehensive overview of strategy and reporting and suggestions for improvement. You can trust us to keep you informed at every step.

What to Avoid When Hiring a Marketing Agency

We've reviewed the key factors you should look for in a home services marketing agency, but what about things to avoid? Here are a few red flags to be aware of.

One-size-fits-all Marketing Approach

No two businesses are exactly alike. Even if you're in the same industry, you likely have different consumers, challenges, and services. Thus, one-size-fits-all marketing (or generic marketing) is never a good approach. For starters, it often neglects key details, such as geographic location, making it difficult to connect with your targeted audiences. It also lacks authenticity, which may make customers more reluctant to contact you.

Limited Communication with Specialists

Effective communication is key to any successful collaboration, including marketing. Unfortunately, not all marketing agencies are transparent. Some agencies only offer one monthly touchpoint with the Account Manager and don't even have product experts join calls. When your access to specialists is limited, you can't receive proper insight into your marketing strategies. You also can't share your ideas or any new information that could drive upcoming strategies.

Getting Locked into Strict Long-Term Contracts

When signing on with a marketing agency, be wary of long-term or strict contracts. Here are a few consequences of long-term contracts:

  • Lack of flexibility: These contracts may make it difficult to adapt to changing circumstances, such as shifts in market trends or budget allocations.
  • Risk of poor service: Without the threat of losing your business, the agency may become complacent with low-quality work.
  • Financial burden: Committing to a long-term contract can cause a significant financial burden if the services provided don't meet your expectations.

At Rocket Media, we understand that strict, long-term contracts don't benefit your business. That's why we offer flexible, month-to-month agreements, allowing you the freedom to make the best decisions possible.

Non-Specific or Vanity Metrics of Success

Like any service, marketing is an investment. To determine whether the investment is worth it, you need to analyze the results. Doing so will offer you detailed insight into how many conversions or new customers a strategy yielded and how much it cost. Unfortunately, you can't do that when marketing agencies offer non-specific or vanity metrics of success.

While general metrics such as website traffic, social media followers, or email open rates may provide surface-level insights into marketing performance, they don't necessarily assist with your business goals (such as lead generation, customer acquisition, or revenue growth). For example, an increase in social media followers may seem like a positive outcome; however, it's meaningless if those followers aren't engaging with your brand. Furthermore, you risk investing in unsuccessful strategies if you're not measuring return on investment. Ultimately, generic metrics are ineffective, misleading, and costly.

At Rocket Media, we offer highly detailed, accurate reporting. By knowing what is (and isn't) working, we can help ensure you get the most out of your marketing strategy and budget.

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