5 Steps To Building A Better Business Facebook Page

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on March 12th, 2013

Before I started writing this blog, I did a quick search of the brands I follow on Facebook to see what exactly makes them stand out to me.

Of the 74 brand or business pages that I have liked on Facebook (and this is on the low end for some people), there’s really only 4 or 5 that I interact with on a regular basis.

So what makes those 4 or 5 brands stand out to me?

  • Their branding is clean and consistent from one channel to another
  • The information about each company is complete and easy to find
  • They regularly post updates about their products, services or information that is interesting to me
  • They offer specials and promotions

Now, I may not be your target customer, but I am similar to many of your customers in they may have liked your page but don’t interact with you on a regular basis.

The best way to use Facebook as a tool for marketing your business is to make sure it stands out and provides real value to your customer. Use these 5 steps to build a better, more engaging Facebook Page.

Step 1 - Branding

When some first walks into your business, are they greeted with boring white walls (our walls are green!) and a little unsure of where they are? Not likely, right? You probably have your logo, brand colors or some other information that assures your customer they’re in the right place. One brand that does a great job of staying consistent with their brand across different channels is bobble:

This is a great example because not only is the branding consistent from their website to their Facebook Page, but bobble customers are even greeted with the same “travel in style” tagline. Kudos to bobble!

Start branding your page by uploading a profile image. We recommend that you use your logo as your profile image so your branding remains consistent and your page can be easily recognized by clients and fans.

Next, add a cover photo to your page. Your cover photo is a great way to showcase your brand, but remember that Facebook has pretty strict guidelines about what can and cannot be included in your photo.

Lastly, remember to claim your vanity URL (example: www.facebook.com/rocketmedia). This will make it much easier for customer’s to find your page through Facebook and search engines. Keep in mind you do need to have a minimum of 25 fans to change your vanity URL.

Step 2 – “About Us” Section

When someone visits your page they should know exactly what you’re all about simply be reading the “about” section under your profile image.

Here are a few must-haves for your “about us” section:

  • Your website address – Ultimately you probably want users to visit your website, so make sure it’s easy to find.
  • A short summary about your business – Try to keep this around 140 characters to avoid your description being cut off in the middle of a sentence.
  • Hours and location – If you have a physical location, make sure your address and business hours are added and up-to-date.

Step 3 – Content Strategy

The content you share with your fans is really what will make or break your company’s Facebook Page. If you rarely update your page or if you post uninteresting, irrelevant content, you can kiss your fans goodbye.

Step into your customers’ shoes and think about what they want to hear. If your sell toothpaste, your fans probably don’t care that it’s “National Brownie Day”, unless your post is about how to avoid cavities while still eat brownies to celebrate the day.

Not sure what exactly your customers are looking for? Don’t be afraid to ask questions or conduct a poll about what they want to see more of on your page.

Step 4 – Fan Building

You should always strive to build your brand by acquiring new Facebook fans and one of the best ways to do this is by launching Facebook promotions and contests.

Set a goal of how many new fans you want to obtain, and then brainstorm the different contests and promotions that will help you achieve that goal.

Offer incentives that will help drive business to your company. For example, if you have a restaurant you may consider offering a two-for-one deal or a free entrée with purchase of [whatever you have to offer]. Not only are you offering your customers a great deal, but you’re also encouraging an additional purchase too.

Avoid completely unrelated giveaways, such as a generic iPad giveaway. While this may help you gain fans, they likely won’t be the type of fans that will grow your business (unless you are a tech retailer.) Make sure your contests match your business objectives.

Step 5 – Evaluation

The last step to building a better Facebook Page is to measure your efforts. You should never assume anything about the success about your brand’s page. Always measure, measure and measure again.

If you simply want to measure the success of individual posts, set a benchmark of success for each post. For example, you may want to engage at least 15% of your fans for each post you send. Depending on which posts reach the goal or fall short, you can experiment with other posts to see what made the original a success.

Time of day, length of posts, adding images to your posts and keywords are only a few things that can help the success of your posts on Facebook.

You should always measure the success of your marketing campaigns, too. After all, what good is a marketing campaign if it’s not bringing you new business?

So there’s the 5-step recipe that has brought our business and our clients’ businesses the most success on Facebook. Try it out and see what happens!