6 Ways Voice Analytics Maximizes Your Marketing and Advertising ROI

Are you taking complete advantage of your marketing and advertising budgets? You spend a lot of money on print and online methods to attract new customers. Leads and sales that come through your website’s contact forms can easily be tracked with web analytics.

But what if your customer picks up the phone and calls you instead? How can you tell what prompted them to call? Voice analytics removes the guesswork and allows you to maximize your ROI with individual phone numbers for each campaign. Here’s how.

Track the success of both your offline and online campaigns

Do you have a way to accurately measure the success of your traditional advertising (postcards, direct mailings, T.V. and radio ads, etc.)? Without the ability to track where leads are coming from, you could just be taking a stab in the dark. Voice analytics work equally well on both online and offline materials, which allow you to better track your marketing and advertising success.

We recommend our clients use voice analytics on any promotional material that includes a phone number on it. Such as,

  • Pay per click (PPC)
  • Email marketing
  • Search engine marketing (SEM)
  • Social media communities (info and profile sections)
  • Direct mail and other print materials
  • Print advertising (magazine, newspaper, etc.)
  • Radio and television ads
  • Website and mobile website

Accurately measure your return on investment (ROI)

With voice analytics, you can actually see (and hear) which of your advertising and marketing efforts are yielding the best ROI. Your online portal will show you how many leads each campaign has returned. You can also listen to the calls and record exactly how much income or sales each call produced. The ROCKET Analytics – Voice system can then put all of that data into presentation ready reports and stats.

Even if your customer service staff is currently asking each caller how they heard about your company, the answers may be flawed because the average consumer doesn’t know what a PPC or SEO campaign is. Voice analytics gives you specific, accurate information on the source of your leads.

Get the whole picture

Do you already have web analytics? Good, you should. But if you are relying on web statistics alone to make your marketing decisions, your results could be skewed. On average, only 40% of your leads will fill out your contact form while the rest choose to call instead.

This means your campaign numbers may be missing as much as 60% of your leads if you aren’t tracking your incoming calls. That’s a large chunk of your business to leave out of marketing and advertising budget decisions. Voice analytics, paired with web analytics, gives you the complete picture.

Stop spending money on marketing that doesn’t work

If you’re not tracking the success of your advertising and marketing, you aren’t optimizing your spending. Web and voice analytics help you measure, track and analyze the results of your campaigns so you can decide which ones are performing well and which ones are not. Without these tools, you may be making uninformed and costly decisions about which campaigns to fund.

Fine-tune your marketing and advertising

Voice analytics tracks the geographic areas of your callers as well as the most popular call times, days, and a multitude of other data. This information can then be used to shape future advertising and marketing campaigns.

For example, if your direct mailings are getting the most calls in a specific town or area, you know to target that area again with other future advertising. Likewise, the most popular times of day can also help you determine the days and times that work best for television and radio ads. There’s no end to the improvements you can make using voice analytics data.

Monitor your customer service representatives

As a feature of voice analytics, all calls are recorded. Using the online portal, you can then listen to each call to make sure your staff is following your customer service standards.

Rocket Media’s voice analytics system can be used to grade the performance of your customer service representatives. After logging in, you can listen to the call, give it a rating, assign it to an individual and record the amount of the sale along with any additional comments.


Many of your leads, or potential customers, are calling your company rather than filling out a contact form. How are you tracking what prompted their call? ROCKET Analytics - Voice tells you where your incoming calls are coming from and which of your marketing and advertising efforts are providing the best ROI.

For more information on Rocket Media’s web or voice analytics tools, contact us online today or call (480) 699-2579.

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