5 Reasons How The “Rocket Way” Can Help Achieve Your Marketing Goals

Looking for a new Digital Marketing partner can be a daunting task. At Rocket Media, we aim to make the discovery process and showcase how we work as easy and inviting as possible.

We often refer to our method of doing business as the “Rocket Way,” which includes 5 reasons that set us apart from the competition.

1. Experience in Your Industry

For almost 20 years, Rocket Media has been serving HVAC, plumbing, electrical, home security, and solar companies all around the country. Focusing our efforts on specialized marketing for these industries has taught us what it takes to successfully market to your customers.

Plus, when we say specialized knowledge, we mean it. Our content writers are so well versed in your industry that you won’t have to explain how an evaporator coil or GFCI outlet works!

2. We Focus on Relationships

We aren’t like a lot of agencies in that we don’t work with just anyone, and we ensure we are in lockstep with our clients and have similar values and goals. Before entering into any agreement, we confirm that our companies are on the same page regarding timelines and expectations.

Our clients are so much more than just a number to us—they’re our number one priority. We aim to treat them as partners in the marketing journey.

3. No Annual Contracts

One of the key factors in creating long-lasting relationships with our clients has been our philosophy of working on a month-to-month basis. By doing this, we avoid the complacency at other agencies you may have experienced or heard about. Annual contracts tend to breed complacency, with a flurry of activity from agencies at the start of the contract and then again as renewal time approaches. In going month-to-month, we provide more consistently excellent output.

4. Convenient Team Access

Along with easy access to your Account Manager, you’ll also have direct access to the members of the Rocket Media team assigned to your account. If you’d like an update made to an Ad campaign, a quick call to your Paid Search Strategist will resolve it. Pretty sure a bogus review was left on your Google My Business profile? Your SEO strategist is just a few minutes away by phone or email. Our experts will proactively reach out to you whenever an industry update occurs, such as the recent GA4 update.

5. Customer Satisfaction

We attribute our client relationships' longevity and their trust in us to our “Rocket Way." Their reviews show how effective it can be.

Takes Enormous Pride in Providing Their Clients With Thorough & Prompt Deliverables. “Rocket Media is by far the most-outstanding digital marketing firm I have ever had the privilege to partner with! Every Rocket Media team member takes enormous pride in providing their clients with thorough, prompt, effective deliverables; their communication and overall professionalism are superb. I would recommend Rocket Media to anyone!”Sam Seegmiller, Owner of Four Seasons

If you are looking for a proven approach to meet your marketing goals, our staff here at Rocket Media would love the opportunity to show you and your team the “Rocket Way!” Call us at (480) 739-0466 or click the button below.

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