5 Facebook Campaigns For Your HVAC Business

Want a way to keep your current fans engaged or to generate some buzz around your HVAC business? Running a campaign on Facebook can increase your following and create an opportunity to attract leads through your social media marketing efforts.

Take a look at these 5 HVAC Facebook campaigns and how your HVAC business can use them to engage your followers.

Oldest furnace/air conditioner contest

One of the most effective ways to create engagement is to encourage photo sharing. An effective HVAC Facebook campaign that uses this photo-sharing technique is the oldest furnace or oldest air conditioner contest.

In this promotion, your fans submit a photo of their heating or cooling equipment, along with some basic information and the follower with the oldest unit can win money toward a new one (or you can buy them a new one!)

As part of the contest, you can require a home visit to verify the age of the unit. This will lend credibility to the social media campaign and help you establish a relationship with a potential customer!

The naming contest

Voting contests are a great way to enhance your social media marketing strategy. In this HVAC Facebook campaign, ask your followers to submit ideas for the name of your tune-up, mascot, or other product/service.

You can then select your top choices and allow followers to vote on their favorite name to decide which one wins, with a prize for the author of the winning entry. This contest will further your social media efforts by encouraging your fans and followers to participate and become involved in your company.

A giveaway to someone who needs it

Cause marketing can be an extremely powerful tool for engaging customers and building brand awareness. Buying a new heater or air conditioner is a large financial investment for most people.

Consider running a HVAC Facebook campaign where followers nominate a friend or community member who is deserving of a new air conditioner or heater. This is a great way to help someone in need while also spreading the word about your brand.

General sweepstakes

This is the most popular kind of HVAC Facebook campaign. Generally, the company ponies up one large prize (such as a new heater, air conditioner or an iPad) that is randomly awarded to one entrant. Because you can put the entry form on a Facebook App that requires all entrants to first like your Page, this type of social media campaign is a great tool for increasing the number of Facebook fans your company has.

You can add some relevance and increase interest in a sweepstakes by including a poll or questionnaire in the entry form. For example, asking how often they change their air filters can open the door to educating them on the appropriate time frame or answer other burning questions they may have.

Coupons and specials

Get Satisfaction released a study that shows over 39% of people like Facebook Pages to get special offers or coupons. You can increase your HVAC Facebook following by creating specials that are only available to those who like your Page.

This is a great way to get your followers to pick up the phone and call you for an installation or repair. You can use or create a Facebook App where followers can enter their name and email address to claim a coupon.

Have you seen or used a HVAC Facebook campaign that was successful or have an idea you think would be great? We would love to hear about it. Tweet us @rocketmedia!

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