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The Rocket logomark accompanied by our wordmark is our Signature logo. We use our one-color, all-white on a generous palette of Rocket Green often as a way to incorporate our brand color in application. At a minimum, adhere to adiquite clear space in application.

Rocket Meatball

Our Rocket Meatball is used as an alternative to our signature logo. Two applications are acceptable; the green Rocket Meatball is used when appearing on a light or white background, and the white Rocket Meatball is used when appearing on a Rocket Green or darker background. In all applications use of generous white space is a must.

Incorrect Uses

Avoid altering or adding to our Signature Logo and Rocket Meatball in application.

Our Colors

Primary Color Palette

Rocket Green: Rocket Green is our hero color and plays a primary roll in our visual brand communication

White Light White: Rocket Green is paired with White in most instances. Generous white space describes our visual branding.

Outerspace Black: Sparingly used, Outerspace Black supports our palette when needed.

HEX: #53B547

RGB: 64/175/73

CMYK: 75/4/100/0

PMS: 361C


RGB: 255/255/255

CMYK: 0/0/0/0

PMS: White

HEX: #232323

RGB: 35/35/35

CMYK: 60/40/40/100

PMS: Black C

Secondary Color Palette

Our secondary palette is primary contained within our Sprites and/or other existing design elements. Rarely should this palette be considered for use for any other applications.


RGB: 60/165/255

CMYK: 62/27/0/0

PMS: 2925C


RGB: 255/214/44

CMYK: 1/14/92/0

PMS: 122C

HEX: #8460A9

RGB: 132/96/169

CMYK: 55/71/0/0

PMS: 265C

HEX: #D95389

RGB: 217/83/137

CMYK: 11/82/18/0

PMS: 212C


Titillium Web

Just the right balance of character and personality for Rocket, Titillium Web is our headline typeface.

Download Titillium

Open Sans

With the intention for the viewer to have a delightful reading experience, we’ve chosen Open Sans as our body copy typeface.

Download Open Sans

Typeface Hierarchy Chart

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