Why Should I Use Social Media Marketing for My Business?

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Social Media
on May 25th, 2012

Even though I have only been in the social media marketing world for a few years, it seems that it is still quite an uphill battle to get people to believe that it is important and it works.

If I had a dime for everyone that responded to my job title with an answer similar to: “You get to do that for a living? That must be fun,” I would have quite a bit of money in my hand. And while I will not argue with their statement on the surface (fun it certainly is), I know that by making it they do not truly understand social media marketing.

But how can I blame them when CEO’s are just starting to get social media, along with most everyone else underneath them. And for many businesses, social media is still the least-utilized method for connecting with their audiences.

So that leads us to the inevitable question, does social media marketing really work? The simple answer is, yes (I would not have a job if it didn’t). So why should you use it? Here are just two reasons.

Social Media Lets You Listen In

Even though I am quite sure my parents and most of my friends think I get to play on Facebook and Twitter all day, I can assure you that is not the case. As a Social Media Manger I am usually on high alert, always listening on behalf of my clients. I am constantly searching for opportunities to reach out to potential customers and offer help and/or knowledge.

I am continually evaluating and re-evaluating the strategy, content and voice I have developed for each client to make sure their social presence is always improving. I frequently look at each account’s analytics and important metrics to make sure that the content we are creating and sending out through social media channels is the type of information that the client’s customers want and need.

Social Media Helps Build Customer Relationships

In addition to listening and evaluating, the Social Media team also spends time putting out social media fires for clients, responding to a Facebook inquiries (positive or negative) and making sure that correct information is being circulated on any of their social channels. We also update their followers on changes in events.

I will not lie; social media is not for everyone or every business. But when it works, it really works. People are influenced by their friend’s opinions and social does a great job of letting people spread the word about your awesome brand, while also letting a fan be a part of the brand’s community.

Facebook currently has 845 million monthly active users. From these active users, 100 billion connections have been made. Can you honestly look at those numbers (and that’s only Facebook!) and think there are no opportunities for obtaining future customers?

Somewhere in the millions of users, there is a conversation happening about your brand. Whether you chose to be a part of it or not….that’s up to you.

Do you still have qualms about the effectiveness of social media marketing? Contact me and let’s talk.