What Snickers, Old Spice, and The Big Bang Theory Can Teach You About Social Media

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Social Media
on July 23rd, 2012

Nowadays, it seems everyone and their mothers (literally) have social media accounts. With over 1 billion social media users worldwide, your brand’s message can easily be lost in the shuffle. So, how do you make your social media strategy rock your business?

One great way to get ideas is by looking at brands that are doing it right. Here is a quick look at three of our favorite brands on social media and the strategies they use.


Have you seen the Snickers campaign with Betty White where she gets tackled for playing football like a pansy because “you’re not you when you’re hungry?” One thing that made that campaign successful was that it was completely unexpected and laugh-out-loud funny.

Now, I know the campaign did not originate online, but it created a conversation that carried over to the brand’s social media accounts and continually reminded fans of the product. Snickers is king when it comes to posting hilarious (and relevant) content online and they do an excellent job of engaging their fans in the process.

What you can learn: Get people talking.

Your social media presence means nothing if no one is talking about it. Your message should be memorable, and sharable and it should start a conversation about your brand. Next time you need inspiration, check out Snickers’ Facebook or Twitter pages. I dare you not to laugh.

Old Spice

If you follow Old Spice, you know the brand is no stranger to generating buzz. From providing fresh, clever content on a regular basis to taking their “Old Spice Guy” campaigns a step further and responding to comments from fans and celebrities alike via YouTube, Old Spice has crafted a game-changing strategy. The brand has taught us that in social media, engagement and creativity are key.

What you can learn: Think outside the box.

Or, bun if I shamelessly plug the recent Twitter exchange between Old Spice and Taco Bell.

The Big Bang Theory

One of my favorite episodes of The Big Bang Theory is when Sheldon creates a flowchart to prove he has a friendship algorithm. Sheldon may not have been successful testing his system, but the minds behind The Big Bang’s social media strategies have an algorithm that works.

The Big Bang Theory uses an array of techniques to get fans excited about the show including tweeting exclusive behind-the-scenes looks and testing their fan’s character knowledge during Trivia Tuesday, which both receive thousands of “likes” and retweets.

What you can learn: Engage, engage, engage.

Do not be afraid to engage with your fans. Ask them questions or start a weekly trivia contest. Create and test your own algorithm like Sheldon and see what works best for your brand.

Setting up Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus accounts for your business is only the beginning. Now you must find a social media strategy to engage and attract your audience.

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