What a Company Blog Is (And Is Not)

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Content Marketing
on November 27th, 2012

Your Company Blog is NOT About You

A blog, at its core, is a type of social media. And like other social media, it should not be used to constantly talk about you and your company. Avoid using your blog like an advertorial (advertisement disguised as an editorial.) There’s no quicker way to turn people off than to constantly talk about yourself.

Your Company Blog is NOT a Press Release

Many companies, in an effort to cut time, simply repurpose press releases word-for-word in a blog. Doing this ignores your audience and comes across as lazy. And since press releases are often all about your company, you are also violating the first point, above.

Your Company Blog Should NOT Contain Marketing-Speak

Explain things in common, everyday terms. If you have to use a word your audience may not understand, explain it. Also, avoid “towing the company line”. Blogs are about offering transparent, helpful information to your audience.

For example, if you skip over something because you don’t want to mention an alternative to your product or service, your audience will see right through it and your whole blog will lose credibility.

Your Company Blog is NOT For SEO

This one may seem contrary to what you have heard and even what we have previously written. It is not, however. Blogging is FOR your audience – whether that is current customers, potential customers or both. Improving SEO is a benefit of a blog, not the goal.

Your Company Blog IS a Place to Show Personality

Continuing from the point made above, your blog should showcase your business’ personality. Is your company culture loose and relaxed? It should come across in your writing. Do you try to keep things light-hearted? Showcase it in your blog. MailChimp is an expert at this, not only in their blog but throughout their site and product.

Your Company Blog IS About Your Audience

Like every piece of marketing you produce, your blog should be all about your audience. Use second-person pronouns (“you”) throughout. Answer questions openly and honestly and participate in conversations around your products and services.

One of the best examples of a company blog that is audience-focused is Mint’s blog. They tackle everything even closely related to personal finance and have become the go-to resource for their industry.

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