How to Turn Social Fans Into Paying Customers

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on October 22nd, 2013

The majority of your social media followers have established a relationship with your brand in some way, but would you consider them loyal customers?

In order for a customer to be loyal, the relationship they have with you must be nurtured or the relationship starts to fizzle out. And because a small percentage of your followers are actively engaging with your pages, it’s important to use tactics to turn them into loyal, repeat buyers.

If you scrolled through your company’s Facebook fans or Twitter followers right now, would you see fans who have liked your page and only purchased once? Or loyal fans who purchase from you regularly?

Loyal customers must be earned and these 3 tactics will help you use social media to turn your existing fans into repeat buyers.

Build trust in your business and products

Your social media followers want to know how working with your company is different than working with other companies just like yours.

One of the best ways you can build your customer’s trust in your business is through education. How does your product or service help your customers? Does it help solve a problem or make their life easier?

Social media is a great tool to use for educating your customers. You can do this with social by:

Then when your customers are in need of your product or service, they’ll contact your company because they trust your knowledge.

Customers will also trust your brand more when they see who they are working with and what they’re like.

Use social media as a way to give your customers an exclusive look at what happens around your office.

Mailchimp does a great job of showing what their team is up to (and we try to do the same too!)

Offer exclusive promotions and incentives

Earning a Facebook like or Twitter follow can be relatively easy because your fans are usually people who recently purchased or interacted with your company, but how do you keep a follower over time?

Offering promotions and incentives exclusively to your social media fans is a great way to keep them engaged with your page.

According to Zendesk study, 54% of customers will consider buying more from a business because of special rewards.

American Eagle is great at providing offers specifically for their Facebook fans:

American Eagle Example

Whether you’re offering a new product free for one of your fans or have a special discount for them, use social media as a channel to get your customers back in the door with special incentives.

Be available for questions and comments

Before social media, if you wanted to get in touch with a business, you would call their customer service line or visit the business for help.

While that’s still effective, social media has increased the channels of communications between businesses and consumers and has made it easier than ever to get questions answered and complaints resolved.

Now, you can simply ask a question on Facebook or tweet the company for help and usually receive a pretty quick answer (that is if the company is committed to using social media for customer support.)

42% of customers that ask questions on social media expect an answer within 60 minutes and expect to be connected directly with product experts, so be prepared to provide immediate responses to questions.

How loyal are your fans?

Think back to your list of social media followers. Are you doing what you can to make sure your followers are your most loyal customers? Remember these 3 tactics and see how it changes your fanbase.

Are we missing anything? Send us a comment on Facebook and let us know if you have any tactics to add to our list.