5 Traits of a Great Web Design Company

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Web Design
on June 25th, 2013

There are thousands of web design companies out there all promising to be the best of the best. And it can be super overwhelming looking at website after website not knowing which company is right for you.

So of the thousands of companies out there, how do you know which company to choose?

The reason for choosing a specific web design company should have less to do with what the company itself (ironically) and more to do with how you can work together with the company to help your business succeed.

Our best advice to you? Look for a web design company that has these five characteristics (at least) and you’ll be on the right track.

Listens to your vision and celebrates your business

Find a company that makes you a priority. They should listen to what you want and the goals you want to achieve and collaborate with you to put together a solid plan.

And they should celebrate with you when a project has been completed too! After we complete a project, we love to pop some champagne grab an ice cream cone from the freezer in the break room and take some time to enjoy what we’ve helped our clients accomplish.

Translates your vision into reality

As a non-web designer myself, I know how hard it can be to describe to a designer what you want in your new website or marketing project.

The company you work with should make you feel comfortable to express your ideas and opinions without making you feel like the only non-web designer in the room. And they should also help you understand the “web lingo” that may help you better explain your thoughts and ideas.

Offers advice that will help your business grow

When you’re brainstorming a new project with the web design company you choose, they should also be honest with you about the ideas you bring to the table.

A good web design company should use their experience to give you feedback about your ideas and also bring new ideas to the table that you may not have thought of or voiced before.

Becomes your friend, not just that company you work with

When your project begins, your web design company should really get to know you. You should feel connected to the company. You should be able to come to them with a concern, just like you would with a friend.

And your relationship with your web design company shouldn’t stop when your project is over. They should be available whenever you need help or just want to chat about how your business is doing.

Looks for what’s next for your business

Never settle for a company that will just finish your project and be done with you. Find a web design company that really wants to help your long-term growth and is always suggesting new ideas and tactics to implement.

We’re always evaluating what our current clients are doing to see if there’s a better, more efficient way of doing something. Look for a company that will do this for you too.

Now that you know what a good web design company looks like, here are some tips for working with them:

If you look for these characteristics and follow these tips, you’ll be golden!