4 Quick Tips For Strengthening Your Company’s Reputation Online

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on August 27th, 2013

Before you go out to eat or buy a new product, do you look at reviews online?

If you answered “yes”, you’re among the 60% of people who consult an online review site before buying something.

Review sites like Google, Yelp and even social media communities are a new type of trustworthy friend for consumers. In fact, 72% of consumers trust review sites as much as they do a personal recommendation.

If your customers are consulting your listings on review sites before working with you, what are they finding?

As a marketer, you want your business to be seen as the best. But if your Google and Yelp pages are full of negative reviews (or none at all), it could be affecting the way customers feel about your business.

It takes a real effort on your part to make sure your customers feel good about your company, and these four tips will help you do that.

Ask for feedback (and not just the positive kind!)

While positive reviews are important, it’s equally important for your company to get negative feedback, too.


Because every business will always have a few unhappy customers. Getting a bad review gives you a chance to spot a problem within your company and correct it with future customers.

And if you’re paying attention to negative reviews and fixing the problems, you’ll have more happy customers leaving happy reviews.

But you must first ask for their feedback. When asking for reviews, keep in mind that many review sites prohibit the use of rewards and discounts in exchange for a review. Ask for honest feedback, but don’t make your customers feel compelled to do so.

Provide a way for them to give you reviews easily

If you’re asking for feedback, make sure it’s easy for your customers to get in touch with you.

We have a page on our site dedicated to getting feedback from our clients and you can either send us feedback directly or leave us a review on Google or Yelp.

Another way you could ask for feedback is to send an email to your customers after they’ve purchased a product or service from your company. Amazon is a great example of a company that asks for feedback right after you make a purchase.

Regardless of the method, make sure it’s easy for them to tell you about their experience with your company.

Reach out to negative reviewers

If someone leaves your business a negative review, make sure you follow up with them quickly and work out the problem. Ignoring negative feedback will only make the situation worse.

If you’re not sure how to respond, check out our tips for responding to negative reviews. And whatever you do, don’t pull an Amy’s Bakery, or you’ll just make more people upset with your company.

Reward employees who get positive feedback

One of the best ways you can strengthen your reputation is by recognizing and rewarding employees who’ve received positive feedback from a customer.

Employees who are recognized for going above and beyond are more likely to provide excellent customer service again making more of your customers happy.

It all comes down to the value you provide

If you’re just responding to negative reviews but never fixing the problems, you’ll never strengthen your company’s reputation.

Changing the way people feel about your company will only happen when you provide something valuable.

Take what people say about your company seriously. Then you’ll see a difference in what people are saying about you.