3 Painful Signs That Your Website Content Needs to be Rewritten

Chase Roberts posted this in
Web Design
on April 23rd, 2013

Have you paid thousands on a great web design (not that there’s anything wrong with that), but haven’t even paid attention to your website’s content?

Neglecting it could be one of the top reasons your website is failing. So how do you know if it’s in need of a rewrite?

Look for these 3 concrete signs that will show you if you need to have your website content rewritten. If any of these apply to you, follow the simple “Do this” instructions to start fixing the problems.

1) A high bounce rate

The bounce rate tells you what percentage of visitors to your website said, “I came, I saw, Yuck, I am out of here.” More specifically, it is the percentage of visitors that only view one page on your website.

In other words, a high bounce rate means no one finds your website’s content relevant, killing any business leads you might have generated.

Do this: Use your analytics tool (we hope you’re using one) to pinpoint which important pages of your website have high bounce rates and look for common content mistakes that cause people to leave.

2) “We”-oriented language

Want to kill your online leads? Make sure your website sounds like this:

“If we sound a bit over-confident, there’s a good reason. We’ve done it before, we have a process that works, and we can prove it” (content from an actual website that shall not be named.)

Notice the focus is on how great the company is, not on the customer. People come to your website to solve their problems, not to hear you boast about how great you are.

Do this: Go over a few pages of your website and count every usage of the word “we” and then make that content “you” (customer) oriented.

Applying this to the above example, it should say, “Your time is important. That’s why you need a proven process to build your brand for your business.”

3) Screaming instead of gently persuading

Tell me if this looks familiar: “We’re a locally owned and operated company with WORLD-CLASS service that can’t be beat. Your satisfaction is GUARANTEED!!

This “sales hype” (i.e.,exaggerated or extravagant claims) keeps your visitors from becoming leads because it:

  • Overpromises without providing proof (What exactly makes you “world class”? Why can’t you be beat? Why is my satisfaction guaranteed?)
  • Doesn’t address your visitors’ problems

Do this: Here are some general tips for writing web content that will keep your customers from hitting the back button:

  • Make specific claims backed up by proof - Do you have any statistics showing your customer satisfaction ratings?
  • Lay off the caps lock button - You don’t need to yell to sell. Be conversational.
  • Show your customers that you “get” them and their problems - Talk about their pain points and then show them how you will help ease it.

Take a look right now

Don’t wait. Go over the simple “do this” suggestions and see if your website needs to be rewritten to help funnel your web visitors into leads.

If you need help finding these and other problems on your website, contact us to see how we can help.

Chase Roberts

Web Copywriter

Yes, ladies, that southern drawl is authentic. Chase hails from a small town in Alabama. He loves sweet tea and all the bacon. But, in between consumption of these favorite treats, he plans and writes the copy for Rocket Media’s clients.