5 Guaranteed Ways to Make Your Web Designer’s Life a Living Hell

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Web Design
on February 28th, 2013

We have great working relationships with 99.9% of the clients who come through Rocket Media. But every once in awhile there seems to be one client that just gets under the skin.

And talking with other web designers, companies and agencies, we’ve found we’re not the only ones with these problem clients. And the problem clients all seem to have similar characteristics.

So we decided to take the time to list out the things we’ve found that are guaranteed to make your web designer’s life miserable (in the hopes that you will do the opposite, obviously.)

Change your mind – constantly

If you want your project to take way longer than you thought it would and be way more frustrating – just change your mind constantly.

While some say that smart people change their minds, continually doing so within very short timeframes is guaranteed to frustrate your web designer. If you want the white button to be red today, try not to ask for it to be white again tomorrow. (Maybe wait a few weeks, at least?)

Make it obvious you have no respect for them

You hired your web design company for a reason, right? It (hopefully) wasn’t just because they were the cheapest.

Maybe it was because they have a lot of experience in your industry. Maybe you liked their designs and found them easy to use. Whatever the reasons, don’t throw them out the window once the design process begins.

Most web designers are professionals who are genuinely trying to do what is best for you and your company. They have experience and knowledge about usability, color theory and design principles that went into your design. They’re not just throwing up colors and shapes and presenting them to you.

Ignore every single one of their recommendations – and do the opposite

Again, your web design company has experience and knowledge you likely don’t. For that reason, they may push back on certain requests you make and give you reasons. Do everyone a favor: listen.

You don’t have to agree with them every time, but listening and understanding why they’re making recommendations may open your eyes to things you didn’t think about.

Make sure your requests are ambiguous

Every designer’s favorite feedback is “make it pop.” To this day, I haven’t met a web designer person, who knows what this “pop” is or where to find it. (If you do, please give us a call ASAP at 800-339-7305. We have a job for you.)

Another gem we’ve received recently: “This chart seems to have lost its chartiness.”

Ambiguous statements like these are not beneficial. Articulate your requests and be specific. It will save a lot of time for everyone involved.

Involve lots of people - with conflicting opinions

This one is guaranteed to drive your web design company bonkers.

If you have a group of people who will be interacting with your design agency, you need a clear leader. Because when (notice we didn’t say “if”) your group can’t make a unanimous decision, this person must be the unquestioned decision maker.

Otherwise, your web designers will try to please everyone and you’ll end up with a product no one is happy with.

No one’s perfect

Does this mean you should never question your web designers, change your mind or bring in additional people? Of course not. Many of these things are good practices, when done correctly. But at least respect the people and company you are engaging with and you’ll get a better end product and fewer headaches. (Good advice for life, in general.)

Well, we’ve said our piece. These things drive our designers crazy. But we’re not perfect, either. Are there things web design companies do that bother you? Let us know.