How Long Should It Take to Redesign an HVAC Website?

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on December 9th, 2015

How long will it take to build your new HVAC website? Well, it depends on the quality of the website you’re looking for.

A basic template website takes little time at all, a few weeks tops. But they often don’t come with content so that can hold things up. Or, if content is included, it’s usually not very good because it’s just copy/pasted from manufacturer websites or other places.

But a good, custom website can take 3-5 months. By “custom” we don’t mean we just swap out colors to match your company’s brand. We mean a website built specifically for your HVAC company, your services, your personality.

Why does a good, custom website take so long? Let’s look at the 3 main parts of creating a custom HVAC website:

  • Content creation
  • Design
  • Development

Writing content that helps customers and sells your company

Great copy works hand-in-hand with great design to inform and persuade visitors to contact you. (That is the goal of your HVAC website, after all). Worrying about a shiny new web design but ignoring the content is like rebuilding the exterior of a classic car and ignoring the engine. It’ll look good, but it won’t work right.

Good website content should be:

  • Helpful. Your customers have questions when they are on your website. Good content helps them find what they’re looking for.
  • Persuasive. Once they’ve found what they’re looking for, the content should persuade them to contact your company.
  • About you. Most of your website copy should be selling your HVAC company, not specific products.

To create good content takes time to:

  • Get to know your company
  • Understand your target customers, what they’re looking for and why they choose you
  • Develop the right messaging for those customers
  • Get approvals and revisions from you

On the other hand, if you choose a poor quality template website company, content is done much more quickly. This is because they do one or more of the following:

  • Expect you to provide all the content.
  • Copy/paste content from manufacturers’ websites.
  • Create giant blocks of almost unreadable content supposedly to help with SEO. (These blobs usually have no value to real, human visitors to your website.)

Designing a website that fits your company like a glove

Custom-designed HVAC websites take longer because the goal is to make the site an extension of your business identity.

For example, our process usually includes:

  • Interviewing your stakeholders to get to know your company’s goals, brand and positioning
  • Analyzing your existing branding and marketing messages and designs
  • Several rounds of beginning-stage designs to create the perfect visual direction for your website
  • Creating multiple wireframes with real content to show how the site will look on different screen sizes
  • Approvals and revisions along every step of the website design process

No two HVAC companies we’ve worked with have been exactly the same. They all have different goals, services, value propositions or products. Yet a template would force many of these companies into the same mold.

Developing valuable features no one else has

Creating fully custom HVAC websites gives you the freedom to build in some valuable custom functionality that can help meet your company goals.

For example:

  • This troubleshooter that we built for Morris-Jenkins to help their customers solve some common problems, reducing the strain on their call center.
  • This help guide section on Coolray’s website that helps answer common customer questions and establishes them as a knowledgeable/trustworthy company.

Of course, writing, designing and developing these custom features takes more time than just getting a template’s pre-built functionality up and running.

Disclaimer: A website is never “done”

We said at the beginning that a custom HVAC website redesign takes about 3-5 months. But that doesn’t mean that you never touch the site once it’s launched.

You need a plan to keep working on your website. Here’s why:

  • Your website is an experiment. You should be regularly testing the assumptions you had when you built the site. Does adding “Careers” to your main navigation improve your recruitment? Can your customers easily find the “Request Appointment” button? Regularly looking at analytics, heatmaps, visitor recordings and user tests will help you find ways to continually improve your website.
  • Technology is always changing. Web browsers are being updated. New phones, tablets and watches are being introduced. What worked well when you launched your site might not work well in a few months.
  • Your business changes. Maybe the key service you thought was the most important isn’t anymore. Maybe you’ve uncovered different messaging that works well in your other marketing that you want to try on your website. Your business isn’t static. Your website shouldn’t be, either.

Want more specifics on what goes into an HVAC website redesign? Contact us today.

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