Why You Should Be Giving Away Your Expertise… For Free

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Content Marketing
on February 22nd, 2013

Some of the best content you can create on your company’s blog are how-to articles and video tutorials.

However, when we approach many businesses about helping them create this content, I often get the response, “We can’t show them how to do that. We want them to pay us to do that.”

The thinking is that if you show them how to do something, they won’t need you anymore.

While I understand the hesitation, there are a number of reasons showing people how to do something you get paid to do can actually increase your customer base.

It shows honesty and transparency

Consumers are wary people. With scams hiding behind every corner, they are immediately suspicious of “secret formulas” for success or vague product descriptions.

How-to articles and video tutorials show your customers that they can trust you because it lets them see the people behind the company.

Also, by sharing information they can’t easily find elsewhere, you will benefit from increased credibility. You may even become their go-to source for similar questions.

If you don’t show them how, they’ll go somewhere else

Let’s be real – you can find just about anything on the internet today. If your web visitors really want to know how to do something, you withholding the information from them will not stop them.

They’re going to look elsewhere. And then you will have lost a potential customer.

You’ll prove you know what you’re doing

If you really are the expert in your industry, and your company really does have something valuable to offer – prove it. Show them your expertise.

For example, if you are a plumbing company who does drain clearing. Why not show homeowners how to clear a clog themselves? It will prove to them that you know what you’re doing and that you are not just after their money.

And when they need plumbing help in the future (everyone does, eventually), guess who they’re going to call.

You’ll show them how complex the issue really is

Many companies decide to do half-assed how-to articles and tutorials so that they’re not giving away their “secrets.”

However, this may actually be worse.

A generic tutorial makes what you are describing seem easier than it is. By going into exact detail and showing images of what you are doing, you will show how complex the task really is.

This will help deter customers from attempting something they don’t have the skills to do.

You will become more than just a company

Every company we’ve ever worked with talks about how they want to really help the customers. How they’re more than just a company trying to make a profit.

Assuming this is true and isn’t just marketing speak, wouldn’t it make sense to provide content your customers will actually value. And detailed how-to’s and tutorials are some of the most sought-after types of content.

Do it now

While it may seem counterintuitive to give away some of your knowledge for free to get more customers, it does work.

So get started. What’s a common question your customers have that you could easily answer for them? Turn it into a helpful DIY blog post or video.

Need some ideas or tips? Contact us online and we’d be happy to help.