Why Your Techs Should Be an Integral Part of Your HVAC Blog (And How to Get Them Involved)

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on June 6th, 2013

If you’ve been running a blog on your HVAC website for some time but haven’t see a lot of return from it, either you’re not tracking its effectiveness or you haven’t involved key players - your technicians.

That’s a mistake. Your techs are your eyes and ears. And I can guarantee that they have a bunch of good ideas for your blog. All you have to do is get them involved.

Why Your Technicians Should Be Involved in Your HVAC Blog

Being involved in the blog on your website doesn’t mean your HVAC techs have to write. But they are experts in their field and can be a great source of content. Plus:

  • They know your customers the best - All day, every day, your technicians and installers are meeting with your customers. Techs know the questions customers ask and the problems they face.
  • They have easy access to great content - The best blogs answer real questions and deal with real problems. You could make guesses all day about what your customers need help with and maybe get it right once in awhile. Or you can ask your technicians who know exactly what your customers need help with.
  • They’re already posting online! - That’s right, many technicians and installers are already posting great information online. Just look at the HVAC Hacks Facebook page or browse HVAC-talk.com. Harness that for your own blog!

How to Get Your Techs Involved

In a lot of cases, you may have no trouble getting your technicians to help out on the blog. (After all, they may already be doing it.) But you might need to remind them from time to time. Here’s how to make your blog a success with your techs.

  • Educate them on what you’re doing - Explain how the blog helps attract knowledgeable and informed customers. It shows that your company employs knowledgeable people and it helps customers trust you more.
  • Give them a list of things to look for - It can be tempting to just say “get us pictures and stories,” but you’ll have much more success if you tell them exactly what you’re looking for. Check out this blog for a few ideas.
  • Ask for volunteer writers - You might have a few techs on your team that actually enjoy writing. Don’t force anyone to write, but encourage those that show an interest. Even if they don’t want to write, anyone can help with story ideas and photos.
  • Reward them for the extra work - Offer some incentive for techs who get involved, whether it’s a gift card or something else. This will reinforce that you value what they’re doing to help with your HVAC blog.

Watch Business Grow When Your Techs Get Involved

Great content is the most important part of any blog (or website for that matter). Involving your techs helps you make sure you have content that your customers are actually looking for.

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