Why Getting More “Likes” Isn’t the Right Goal for Your Facebook Page

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Social Media
on April 16th, 2014

“I want more Facebook ‘likes’ to show how many people love my company!”

“Our goal for Facebook? We want 10,000 ‘likes’ in the next 6 months.”

“People trust businesses with more Facebook fans.”

Raise your hand if you’ve ever said (or thought) one of those statements. (Don’t lie, I’m raising my hand over here, too.)

We all want more Facebook fans, but there’s one very important problem with having this mentality: More Facebook “likes” doesn’t automatically mean you have more customers helping to pay your bills.

If your company’s goal for Facebook is to simply increase fans, you’re creating a really huge disconnect between your social media strategy and your company’s overall goals.

What happens when getting “likes” becomes the goal

When your ultimate goal is to increase fans, you can easily become obsessed with the idea of doing whatever it takes to get more “likes” and your other business goals take a backseat.

You’re willing to spend more time and money into seeing that number increase, but you end up with a quantity vs. quality problem. You have a large fan base, but only a small percentage that actually interact with your page on a regular basis.

Don’t get me wrong. “Likes” are still important. If nobody follows your page, you don’t have anyone to interact with. But increasing “likes” is not the end goal you should be focusing on.

What happens when you put your business goals first

Think about the other ways you advertise your company. If you’re running PPC campaigns or even a television ad, what goal do they help support? To increase your leads/revenue, right?

Now think about why your company uses Facebook. Is your main goal for Facebook to get more “likes”? Or are you trying to use Facebook as a tool to support larger business goals?

When you put your business goals first, you’ll have a much easier time thinking about the ways you can use Facebook to achieve those goals.

For example, if your company’s goal is to increase return customers by 10%, you can direct new customers to ‘like’ your Facebook page and turn them into loyal customers by offering exclusive promotions to only those that like your page.

A final word

The amount of people who like your page is important, but should it be the ultimate goal of your Facebook page? Absolutely not.

When you’re using Facebook to help support your larger business goals, your “likes” will increase organically because you’ll be providing them with useful, quality content.

Increasing “likes” shouldn’t be the end goal. Facebook is just a tool to help you reach your other business goals.

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