5 Underutilized Facebook Features that Can Help You Reach More of Your Fans

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on July 9th, 2013

In a previous blog we touched on a few of the reasons why your Facebook fans aren’t seeing your posts. This time, we’re going to show you how to take advantage of a few little-used Facebook features to reach more of your fans.

And make sure to keep an eye on our blog - we’ll be covering each of these in more detail in follow-up posts.

Facebook insights

Insights are Facebook’s analytics. You can see basic vanity metrics like how many Page likes you have received as well as more helpful metrics like how many of your fans are actually interacting with your page on Facebook.

Use your Facebook Insights to find out:

  • The types of posts that are most engaging to your audience (photos, videos, text, etc.)
  • The time of day your fans seem to be the most active
  • The demographics of your most active/least active fans

Using this information, create a content strategy that better engages your Facebook audience. Experiment with new types of content, posting at different times and see how those posts perform versus other content types and times.

Which brings us to the next little-used Facebook feature you can use to reach more of your fans…

Targeted posts

You’re busy running an entire marketing strategy for your company. And Facebook is always introducing new ways to improve your business Page. So you may not have noticed when Facebook quietly rolled out more advanced post targeting almost a year ago.

But it’s an important feature that can help you reach more fans because it is more targeted. With post targeting you can post status updates, photos, links and more to only a select group of your fans.

You can target your posts based on:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Interested In
  • Relationship Status
  • Education
  • College Grad: College Name, Major
  • In College: College Name, Major, Years
  • In High School
  • Workplace
  • Language
  • Location: Country, State, City

Why this helps you reach more fans: Imagine you are a marketer for a jewelry company and Valentine’s Day is approaching. Rather than posting something like “It’s almost Valentine’s Day, have you got something for your special someone?” you can post two different messages to people in relationships, one to men and one to women.

Your post to men might read, “22% of women report wanting jewelry for Valentine’s Day. Does your sweetheart? Here are our top picks: www.linktoyourjewelryblogpost.com”

While your post to women could read, “Are you hoping for jewelry this Valentine’s Day? So are 22% of women. Here are our most popular choices: www.linktoyourjewelryblogpost.com”

Because these posts speak more directly to your audience, your fans are more likely to interact, increasing the engagement of your posts and helping you reach more fans in the process.

Scheduling posts

Did you know that you have the ability to schedule posts from within Facebook itself? That means it’s not necessary to have a fancy software like Hootsuite or Sprout Social to plan your posts in advance.

Using your Facebook Insights, you can make sure your posts are scheduled during the times you get the most engagement from fans.

How: When you select the clock icon under the text field where you enter your update, you’re able to schedule posts for future dates. (You can also backdate and select “Hide from news feed” if you want to insert a post in the past. But that won’t help you reach more fans.)


When Facebook rolled out the new Timeline look for brand pages, they also introduced a feature known as milestones. Basically, these are important events in a company’s history. If something historically significant happens, consider posting it as a milestone.

Milestones can help you reach more of your fans because Facebook recognizes them as important events and distributes them to a wider audience. However, don’t overdo them as that could come across “spammy” and cause your fans to hide your posts.

Facebook ads

All of the previous underutilized Facebook features are free for anyone to use. But sometimes you need to wake up your fans with Facebook ads and promoted posts. There are too many ad choices to go into a lot of detail here, but keep an eye for an upcoming post on Facebook ads that goes into more detail.

You can start by using Facebook Insights to identify successful past posts and promoting them to your fans and friends of fans. Or create ads that drive traffic back to your Facebook Timeline.

Start with awesome content

Of course reaching more of your fans starts with creating great, share-worthy content. But great content can be amplified even more by using these under appreciated Facebook features.

Got a Facebook feature you’ve found that has helped you reach more of your fans? Share it with us on our Facebook page.