4 Ways Your Business Can Use The Mobile Web to Increase Sales

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on November 14th, 2011

The mobile web is not a trend; it is the future. In the past year, mobile search has increased 400%. Currently about 92 million people in the U.S. have accessed the web on their mobile device, or about one-third of the all Americans. By the end of 2011, Google projects that number to increase to 50% of all Americans and by 2015, more people will access the web on mobile devices than on PC’s.

The way people use and access the web is changing quickly and with this new tool come several distinctive characteristics. Here are four unique features of the mobile web your business should be exploiting.

Click to Call

Before smartphones and texting, phones were used to contact other phones so their users could communicate vocally. This was called a “phone call”. Contrary to popular belief, smartphones still possess this functionality. You can leverage this feature with click to call on your site.

Click to call means that a visitor to your website can simply click on your phone number to call your business or add the number to their contact list. Click to call allows consumers to quickly and accurately contact your business, something traditional computers cannot do.

Local Information

One in three searches from a mobile phone is for local information and 89% of local searches result in an action within a day. Smartphone users are searching for goods and services in their vicinity.

Using a smartphone’s built-in GPS, a mobile website can find your visitors location and direct them to your business’ closest location or provide directions to the visitor. You should also make sure your business can be found on the many location websites like Google Places, Yelp and Yellow Pages.

Access from anywhere, anytime

The proliferation of the mobile web means your customers have access to your site anytime from just about anywhere. 72% of smartphone owners use their phones while consuming other media, including T.V. and 70% use their smartphone while shopping in the store. You business now has access to your customers 24/7, make sure you are taking advantage.

Integration with offline

Because smartphones are always on and always with us, it makes perfect sense to integrate the offline with online. One prime example of this is QR codes. By using QR codes in your offline marketing, on business cards, posters, flyers, etc., you can easily connect smartphone users to your online presence. Other examples include mobile location apps like Foursquare and SMS/text marketing.

The mobile web is growing exponentially and changing the way consumers find and use products and services. Your business must adapt by exploiting the advantages of the mobile web. To stay competitive, you need a mobile site that integrates the unique features of smartphones and mobile devices.

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