3 Website Content Mistakes That Drive Away Customers

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on December 13th, 2012

Disappointed. If you are using that word to describe the launch of your new website, then you could have a content problem.

Poor content makes your website a pain to read, and it fails to communicate the full value of your products or services.

As a result you end up turning away potential customers instead of enticing them.

Let’s go over some common web content mistakes that have your prospects hitting the back button. Then we’ll show you how to fix each mistake.

Mistake #1: Large blocks of indiscernible text

What this looks like: Having 10 lines of content on a page with no line-breaks, no bold headlines and no bullet points. We like to call this a “wall of text.”

Why it turns away customers: Imagine going to a buffet with all of the food thrown into one pile. It would be one huge glob with indiscernible parts.

Would you dig through a mess like that to find the food you’re looking for?

No, you’d go to another restaurant (or learn to cook for yourself).

Similarly, your customers will go elsewhere rather than sifting through an intimidating wall of text.

How to fix it: If a wall of text is like a glob of food, then you need to break up the glob into smaller digestible chunks.

Your web visitors can then quickly scan your pages and find the information they need.

You can do this in a variety of ways by using:

  • Numbered lists for explaining a sequence
  • Bold on important words and phrases
  • Subheads (mini-headlines that break your pages into topics)
  • Breaks in long paragraphs (split that 10 line wall into five digestible two-line paragraphs)
  • Bullet points when you’re listing multiple items (see what I did there?)

Mistake #2: Focusing on yourself instead of your customers

What this looks like: Going on and on about how great you and your products are instead of focusing on the customer.

You’re probably doing this if you’re using the words “we”, “us”, and “our” frequently throughout your website content. (E.G: “We are proud to announce our new service…”)

Why it turns away customers: Self-centered content does not deliver much value because it strokes the company’s ego instead of clearly communicating a solution to the customer’s problem.

How to fix it: Focus on your customers by using words like “you” and “your.”

For example, if you were a babysitting service instead of saying, “We have the highest quality babysitters,” you’d say, “Your child is in safe hands with the highest quality of care.”

See who the focus is on?

Mistake #3: Using technical jargon

What this looks like: You’re using multiple terms that are well known to people in your field of expertise, but not to most people.

Why it turns away customers: Your content’s job is to communicate the value of your service or product. So if no one knows what the heck you’re talking about, then how can they discern why it’s so valuable?

How to fix it: There a couple of techniques that can fix jargon-filled content:

  • Imagine you’re explaining what you do to friend or family member who knows very little about your field of expertise. This will not only simplify your content’s language, but it will also make it more conversational, which is a huge plus.
  • Use an analogy to simplify complex concepts into terms people can understand. Kind of like my glob buffet analogy.

Reading is believing

See how easy this post was to read and scan down? Look at the tips in this article and see how I have applied them. Then try to apply them to each of the pages on your own website.

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