How to Make Your Next Website Redesign a Breeze

Starting a new website design project can be scary and it can be stressful when you're not sure what to expect. To help the project be successful and get the desired outcome you’re aiming for, follow these seven simple tips.

Why Getting More ‘Likes’ Isn’t the Right Goal for Your Facebook Page

Getting more 'likes' should be the most important goal for your Facebook page, right? Wrong. If your goal is simply to increase fans, you're creating a really huge disconnect between your social media strategy and your company's overall goals.

Why We Don’t Recommend Using a Rotating Banner on Your Website

Carousels. Sliders. Rotating banners. That moving thingy. Whatever you call them, they’ve become synonymous with most company homepages. So when we tell clients that we highly recommend against them, it’s not a surprise that we get some push back and questions.

Rocket Media Welcomes John Weeston - Our New Social Media Strategist

Hello, my name is John Weeston and it’s nice to meet you! If you are a Rocket Media social media client, I’m the guy that will be taking over your social media strategy and management!

Agile Web Design in an Agency: The PHX Renews Project – Intro

Doing something new is hard. It’s scary. Sharing it with the world is even harder and scarier. This blog series will publicly document the process we go through as we redesign PHX Renews website.

Have Multiple Marketing Agencies? Here’s How to Keep It From Hurting Your Business

If you use multiple marketing agencies for offline and online advertising, there's a chance you're at a greater risk for having inconsistencies in the way your company is represented. Here's how to keep your brand's voice consistent across the board. 

5 HVAC Blog Topics That Boost Website Traffic

It doesn't matter how much you blog if you’re not creating the right kind of content—information people are actually searching for online. Here are some tried and true blog post topics that we have used to get awesome results.

Why Hiding Facebook Posts Can Ruin Your Company’s Reputation

A negative customer comment about your company on Facebook may seem like the end of the world and your first instinct may be to hide the comment. But is hiding Facebook posts really the best option? You may be surprised by what can happen when you hide posts.

HVAC Blogging Pro Tip: Mention Price Online To Get More Customers

If a blog is meant to attract traffic, then why do so many HVAC contractors get nervous about mentioning price on their blog—or anywhere on the website for that matter?
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