Get The Best Use Out Of Your Pictures

One of the best ways to keep a visitor's attention throughout a website is by using pictures to accent pages. Sure, killer content, design and media are other ways to draw attention, but we're focusing on pictures right now. The right picture in the right place gives each page a theme, and sends a message in one glance. It comes down to one thing: images take less time to absorb than any other media. What many people don't know is how to make images more effective on their site. Take these extra steps to make the viewing experience ten times better.

Select good stock

Some people are more selective than others when choosing images. The Internet has a sea of photos that are available for use, but stock photography sites are great sources to find the images you need. Some stock sites have membership fees, and some are completely free. No matter the cost, you will avoid copyright infringement and have many images at your disposal when you use stock sites. A favorite blog, Smashing magazine recently published a compilation of stock photography sites, complete with a comparison table at the end.

Size up your pics

If your images are loading very slowly, or are blurry or pixellated, you are in need of a re-sizing tool. When a photo takes a long time to load, it means that the image is a large file and will take a longer time for the browser to process. When pictures are pixellated, it means they are smaller files that have been stretched to cover a larger area. Re-sizing tools adjust images proportionally so that they look right on your web page. If you do not already have a re-sizer on your computer, they are usually free to add on, and do not take up much space. Check out our favorite re-sizing tool for Mac.

Presentation is Key

Most photo editors allow extra effects to be added for a polished effect. You can add borders to your images, align them around text, and put buffer space between the image and other content. By making these extra changes, the page will be more attractive to viewers.


It's important to describe your pictures in your content. Search engines cannot read images, and will not pick up on valuable content on your without a short descriptor. Making these extra steps part of your image adding and editing process has a few benefits that will save you time and frustration in the end.
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